We now know this disease as "Buerger's Disease." This remained a subject of great interest to him for over two decades. In 1906, Buerger began to improve the cystoscope and presented his instrument in 1909. F. Tilden Brown, also from New York, wrote to say he was quite impressed by this instrument, particularly since it was developed "on this side of the Atlantic" and we all have "reason to be proud." It took some time before other urologists found value in Dr. Buerger's instrument, but he soon worked with Tilden Brown to design the Brown-Buerger cystoscope, produced by American Cystoscope Makers, Inc. of New York. Despite the initial cynical attitude by many of his colleagues towards his cystoscope, Dr. Buerger became professor of urologic surgery at the NY Polyclinic in 1917 and continued to refine his instrument—which eventually became the workhorse of American urologists. It remained the leading cystoscope instrument in the States until the fiberoptic illumination and modern lens systems replaced it in the 1970s.

A prolific writer, Buerger wrote contributions to differentiate streptococci and pneumococci, reported on the therapy of tetanus

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