Rubin H. Flocks, MD
1906 - 1975

The son of a Baltimore clothing storeowner, Rubin Flocks attended The Johns Hopkins University for undergraduate and medical school. A superior student, he sought training in orthopedics and then in urology. He trained under the fortunate tutelage of Dr. Nathan G. Alcock at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Dr. Alcock was a pioneer in the new technique of transurethral resection of the prostate. From him, Rubin Flocks learned the "open-door policy" by which he later made himself accessible to any medical student, resident or physician seeking his help or counsel.

Dr. Flocks' career as an educator began when he was still a resident, typing the patient's clinical history, physical findings and radiographic findings with diagnosis and planned management. He later joined Dr. Alcock as an assistant professor and progressed through the World War II era to become a full professor. Dr. Flocks became the second chairman of the department of urology in 1949 upon Dr. Alcock's

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