retirement. Dr. Flocks' legendary, concise urology lectures contained some theatrical elements which always caught the attention of both students and residents.

Dr. Flocks worked unselfishly day and night, instilling in his residents the need to give lavishly of their time and energy. He once reflected philosophically that his father would not have understood the need for such dedication, but Dr. Flocks knew it was the lifeblood of his work. In the summer of 1962, he assumed interim dean responsibility for the college. In all, his service to the University of Iowa and University Hospitals spanned 40 years.

Never satisfied with his knowledge in urologic subjects, he studied the vascular anatomy of the prostate which allowed resection of prostatic tissue with minimum blood loss. After World War II he collaborated with Dr. Dabney Kerr, and developed colloidal gold as a therapy for extensive prostatic malignancy. Dr. Flocks also recognized the importance of staging lymphadenectomy in treating prostate cancer.

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