Dr. Flocks was secretary and president of the American Board of Urology from 1963 to1968, and served on the Residency Review Committee for Urology from 1958 to1975. The University of Iowa College of Medicine received extended service from Dr. Flocks on the Compensation Committee, which had fiscal oversight of faculty salaries and benefits.

In organized medicine, as secretary and then as president of the AUA in 1969, his concerns focused on quality training programs and appropriate funding of urologic research. The Flocks Prostatic Disease Center (now called the Rubin H. Flocks Urology Clinic) at the University of Iowa was established and funded in 1972 with private contributions from Dr. Flocks' grateful patients to assure continuing study of urologic disease for improved patient care.

In the same simplicity in which he lived, he died on May 17, 1975, in the Prostatic Disease Center he founded.

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