Frederic Eugene Basil Foley, MD
1891 - 1966

Born in St. Cloud, Minnesota in 1891, Frederic Eugene Basil Foley, MD started out as a language major, teaching English as he earned his bachelor's degree from Yale in 1914. He received his medical degree from The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 1918 and worked for the next two years with William Halsted, MD in the general surgical wards. He then spent some time with Harvey Cushing, MD and from 1920 to 1921 was a member of the surgical house staff of the Peter Brigham Hospital in Boston. There is no record that he ever had a formal training in urology, yet, he was certified by the American Board of Urology on July 29, 1937.

Dr. Foley is best known to modern urologists as the man whose name is attached to the self-retaining balloon catheter. Dr. Foley was one of a number of urologists who had worked with various types of catheters to develop a self-retaining instrument. He began to work on

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