Harold Hopkins, MD
1918 - 1994

Harold Hopkins, MD was born on December 6, 1918 in the United Kingdom, and won a scholarship to the Gateway School. He went on to Leicester University where he studied physics and mathematics and obtained his degree in June 1939.

At the beginning of the war, his military service was deferred, and he was sent to work for a firm of optical instrument-makers in Barnet who were developing a variety of instruments for the war effort. Upon entering the army, he rapidly rose through the ranks, becoming Lance Corporal. It was at this time he became friends with Nairs Craig.

After the war Dr. Hopkins became the research fellow at Imperial College, London in 1947, and quickly became lecturer and reader. Influence from Nairs Craig and another friend, Hugh Gainsborough, MD, directed him toward optical physics. Dr. Gainsborough pushed

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