Alexander von Lichtenberg, MD
1880 - 1949

Alexander von Lichtenberg was born on January 20, 1880 in Budapest, Hungary. Dr. Lichtenberg went to medical school in his hometown and passed his medical boards in 1902. He became an assistant at the Institute for Anatomy and, a year later, left for Heidelberg, Germany to study with Vincenz Czerny.

In Heidelberg he also got to know Fritz Voelcker, MD, eight years his senior, who became a genitourinary surgeon. The two of them eventually founded the "Zeitschrift für Urologische Chirurgie." Dr. Lichtenberg went to Straßberg in 1906 and, when offered a department in Budapest, went there in December of 1913, but shortly thereafter felt that he wanted to return to Straßberg. In 1920, he moved to Berlin where he quickly became a member of the Berlin Urology Society. Dr. Lichtenberg asked Paul Rosenstein, MD, another Berlin urologist, for collaboration on some scientific projects. Both of them were interested in pneumoradiography, and both began

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