Hans Joachim Reuter
1923 - 2003

Born on October 22, 1923 in southern Germany (Württenberg), Hans Joachim Reuter, MD was drafted in World War II and served on the Eastern Front. An injury in 1942 prompted his return to Germany, and he began medical school in Tübingen and subsequently Heidelberg, where he finished in 1950. In 1951 and 1952, Dr. Reuter spent two years as a rotating intern and became impressed with gynecological urology in Wuppertal. He did his urologic training under Hösel in Ulm, finishing in 1957.

His major interest at that time was endoscopy. Shortly afterwards he opened his office in Stuttgart and began to build a small in-patient clinic. A prolific writer, he published nine books, mostly on endoscopy, and created nearly 20 movies. His many lectures brought him not only to the Western hemisphere but also into Eastern countries, and in the 1960s he met Dr. Goldberg in Riga which led to the introduction

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