William Wallace Scott, MD
Curator 1987 – 1993

William Wallace Scott, MD (1913 - 2000) was born in Kansas City, Kansas, on January 27, 1913. He attended the University of Missouri at Columbia for four years and supported himself by driving a cleaning and pressing truck for Vanity Fair and working in the Sigma Nu fraternity house. Early in college, Dr. Scott aspired to become an engineer. However, after working in the research laboratory at the University of Chicago during the summer of 1932 and being exposed to his older brothers—one a physiology student and the other a medical student, he was convinced that a career in physiology or medicine was for him. Consequently, he began medical school at the University of Chicago in the fall of 1934.

Dr. Scott received the Sydney Walker III Fellowship, which paid tuition for the final years of his schooling. This included graduate work culminating in a PhD in physiology in 1938 and an MD in 1939.

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