the American Urological Association, he spoke on "The Training of a Resident" (unpublished). Much of what he said was to point out that a year in research during a clinical residency was very worthwhile, regardless of whether the trainee subsequently pursued a career in academic medicine or private practice. It was extremely gratifying to Scott that 22 of 65 of the residents training during his tenure later went on to head departments of urology in medical schools here and abroad.

During his tenure, Dr. Scott gave 15 named lectures and participated in 25 visiting professorships. Among the lectures, he was most honored to give the Austin M. Curtis Memorial Lecture at Howard University, the first Nathan G. Alcock Lecture at the University of Iowa, the Ramon Guiteras Lecture, the Dallas B. Phemister Lecture and the Hugh Hampton Young Lecture. In addition to keeping busy with the affairs of the Brady Urologic Institute, Dr. Scott also served the faculty committees of the School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins and the National Institutes of Health and Armed Forces in Washington, D.C.

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