potency; 18 radical prostatectomies had been performed that year at the Brady Institute. In the year 2000, 1,000 radical prostatectomies were performed at Hopkins. Walsh, in a letter to his staff, went on to say "I share all of this with you not to take any major credit. Rather, I share these thoughts so that you can understand how important discoveries can be made—a simple act of kindness to a lonely old man [Dr. Doncker], followed four years later by trying to understand what he was doing now that he was retired. Never underestimate what you can learn from others."

His major accomplishment is that, through his meticulous dissection, he has dramatically decreased the fear of impotence, but much more so the fear of incontinence in men facing radical pelvic surgery. His work has stimulated many others to evaluate new approaches to prostate cancer.

Dr. Walsh, like his predecessors, has trained a number of eminent leaders in urology. Since 1978, when he himself received the AUA's Gold Cystoscope Award, five of the young men who trained under his

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