Hugh Hampton Young, MD
1870 - 1945

Hugh Hampton Young, MD was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1870. He attended the University of Virginia where in four years he received a bachelors, masters and medical degree by 1894. He returned to San Antonio to begin a surgical practice, but realized his limitations very quickly and decided to go to The Johns Hopkins Hospital for postgraduate education. Working in the surgical dispensary, he eventually obtained a position as a resident on the surgical wards. By 1897, three years after graduating from medical school, Dr. Halsted, the chief of surgery, asked Dr. Young to take charge of the Genitourinary Surgery Division. Thus began the career of the individual who is considered the "Father of American Urology."

Dr. Young remained at Hopkins and developed a number of innovative instruments and techniques. His first new instrument was the "punch" for blind resection of obstructing bladder neck and prostatic tissue, which led to the development of numerous other

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