punches, particularly at the Mayo Clinic where several of his students perfected this instrument. Using the punch on a railroad entrepreneur by the name of James Buchanan "Diamond Jim" Brady, whom he relieved of his obstruction in 1912, convinced Brady to fund the construction and creation of the Brady Urological Institute. There, Dr. Young designed a urological operating table and developed a detailed approach to perform radical perineal prostatectomy which became the standard for prostate cancer surgery (1904). In 1926 Dr. Young published "Young's Practice of Urology." A pioneer in hermaphroditism and related diseases, he published: "Genital Abnormalities, Hermaphroditism, and Related Adrenal Diseases" in 1937. He wrote about mercurochrome as an intravenous antiseptic agent and extensively tested and wrote about sulphanilamide in the treatment of venereal disease. In 1917, he founded The Journal of Urology® which he edited until his death in 1945.

Dr. Young created a detailed plan for the training of young urologists; his program became the model for all other training programs in the United States.

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