Kickapoo Sagwa, quack medicine containing large amounts of alcohol. Early 1900's.
Fad, Fraud, Future? Quackery and Nostrums in Urology (2004)

This exhibit originally debuted at the 2004 Annual Scientific Meeting of the AUA in San Francisco, California.

For hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of years, charlatans and frauds have preyed on the vulnerable, whether seeking wealth or a cure to a debilitating physical condition. Poverty and pain can send people to great lengths in trying to eliminate these maladies, sometimes at the expense of their own lives.

Urology's history is not without its own share of quackery, from traveling lithotomists of the Middle Ages (though some were quite adept) to today's promises of increased virility or penis size with a simple mail-order drug or very expensive surgical procedures.

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