Kickapoo Sagwa, quack medicine containing large amounts of alcohol. Early 1900's.

The genitourinary system—essential to life with the production of urine as well as male reproduction and fertility—has been and always will be a target for quackery.

Prior to the advent of organized medicine in the United States, with formalized training, clinical testing and governmental regulation, four sects of medicine existed: allopathic, homeopathic, botanical and hydropathic. None was more effective than another. No system was in place for clinical testing of products, despite the fact that numerous advancements were being made in the field of medicine. Hundreds of herbal treatments, patent medications and devices were available to treat nearly every ailment from back pain to ugliness to writer's block. Many were touted as treatments for "all that ails ya" despite the lack of evidence to support the claim. This era was a time when physicians could prescribe without examining a patient and patients self-medicated without ever seeing a physician.

It was the perfect environment for quackery to flourish in this

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