Dispensing of electricity. Oil painting by Edmund Bristow, 1824. Wellcome Library, London.
Current Medicine

Fundamental not just to lifestyle, but to life itself, electricity is present throughout our world - from the magnetic fields of our cosmos to the very nerve impulses that power our bodies at the cellular level. Electricity pervades every part of our daily lives, putting light at our fingertips, allowing us to communicate across long distances on demand and changing the way we, as physicians, diagnose and treat our patients.

Today's understanding of electricity is vast and comprehensive, but it took centuries of observation and experimentation to bring us to this point. To fully appreciate the impact electricity has had on the practice of medicine over time, one must acknowledge the history of man's understanding of this force of nature.

With a nod toward Mary Shelley and her novel, Frankenstein, the 2010 History exhibit "Current Medicine" shows a time in science when electricity was thought have the capability of bringing the dead back to life and to cure ALL ills.

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