Milestones in Urolithiasis
Milestones in Urolithiasis

For millennia, depending on where they were located, urinary tract stones have been a pain in the back, flank, groin, or pelvis. The American Urological Association's 2013 exhibit, Milestones in Urolithiasis, explores the fascinating history of urinary stone disease. From the writings of Aristotle to modern day medicine, to stones in humans, animals and even plants, this exhibition features a collection of stones and instruments from around the world. The exhibit will make you wonder, "How did this stone form in the bladder or kidney?"

For more information, view the exhibit panels or the exhibit brochure.

Donate $10 to the William P. Didusch Museum for Urologic History and receive the AUA2013 limited edition poster as our "thank you."

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