AUA Summit - AUA Historian’s Re-cap of 2022 Annual Meeting in New Orleans

AUA Historian’s Re-cap of 2022 Annual Meeting in New Orleans

The first in-person annual meeting in three years took place in New Orleans and was a resounding success, especially for the History of Urology.  The History Exhibit, Ins and Outs of Sexual Health, co-curated by Irwin Goldstein, MD, and Sue Goldstein, CCRC, CSE, was spectacular.  The exhibit included written descriptive panels, historical artifacts, and an exceedingly educational brochure that allows the exhibit to live on.  Despite fewer meeting attendees in general - especially our overseas colleagues - attendance at the exhibit was excellent.  There were outstanding talks at the History Booth by experts in sexual medicine and urologic history; these were uniformly well-attended with standing room only.  Each day, AUA History Committee member Jennifer Gordetsky presented a multiple-choice history quiz Lies, Damn Lies, and Medical History to the audience.  These were also well attended and highly competitive.  There were lines for shopping for mementos, historical Bill Didusch anatomic prints, gifts related to urology and/or the exhibit, and Didusch library (duplicate) books related to urology and sexual medicine.

View the Ins & Outs of Sexual Health Booth Talks Schedule

The Forum on the History of Urology was also very well-attended, given the persistent limitations from the COVID pandemic.  There were 14 Posters; attendees and members of the History Committee voted Herman Kretschmer: from Genitourinary Pathology to Presidency by Alice Cheung the 2022 Best Poster.  The Medical Ethics Debate regarding The Inflatable Penile Prosthesis is First Line Therapy for ED between Helen Levey Bernie and Gerald Brock was provocative, entertaining, and educational.  The judges declared Dr. Brock the winner, based on his superb rebuttal. 

The Debate was followed by 19 Podium presentations, many dealing with the exhibit theme of sexual function and dysfunction.  Halfway through the podium talks, the 2021 Earl Nation Retrospectroscope Award winners, Adam Russon and Alexis Steinmetz, were presented with their prizes.  Prior to the Bicknell Lecture, Sutchin Patel, a member of the AUA History Committee and a prior Retrospectroscope Award winner, presented Frank Bicknell: Pioneer in Pediatric Urology and Founder of the American Urological Association History Forum.  The 2022 Annual Frank Bicknell History of Urology Oration was given by co-curator of the Exhibit, Sue Goldstein.  The title of her superb lecture was Words Matter - Tracing the Language of Sexual Dysfunction.

The theme of next year’s History of Urology Exhibit in Chicago is Battlefield Urology.  So start preparing your abstracts for the 2023 History Forum!!

Ron Rabinowitz, AUA Historian