AUA Summit - Ins and Outs of Sexual Health at New Orleans, 2022

Ins and Outs of Sexual Health at New Orleans, 2022

Did you see this astonishing exhibit at annual meeting?  The William P. Didusch Center for Urologic History is indebted to AUA designers Jenn Kennedy, Ashleigh Kilgour and Zack Post for this eye-catching design.  And we celebrate the workers at GES, who produced and built this (very complicated) exhibit.

Did you get to explore this Hands-On case? Jenn Kennedy demonstrated artifacts to attendees!

Did you visit the PACKED Museum Store?  Thank you to all our visitors for buying SO MUCH STUFF to support the Museum from AUA’s Michelle Matthews and her mom. Every dollar you spend supports your urologic museum!

Thank you to Curators Dr. Irwin and Sue Goldstein for an unforgettable exhibit and booth talk on the infamous Brindley injection! (IYKYK)

Thank you to our many excellent speakers at the History Booth!

Thank you to all who tweeted about us on social media!

And a huge thanks to AUA Historian Dr. Rabinowitz (shown here with historian Dr. David Bloom) for hosting at the booth and presiding over the many History meetings and events. 

Thank you to all our attendees! Because of you, HISTORY had a great annual meeting.