AUA Summit - The Scope of Urology Newsletter - Fall 2022

The Scope of Urology Newsletter - Fall 2022

The Complicated History of Vasectomy

A United States Supreme Court decision earlier this year has changed the reproductive and contraceptive landscape across the nation. Anecdotally, many urology practices have noted a substantial increase in the number of patients seeking vasectomy since the June 2022 Supreme Court decision. Given this renewed interest in vasectomy, a brief review of the history of the procedure is timely.

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Frank B. Bicknell: Co-Founder of the Society of Pediatric Urology and the AUA History Forum

Dr. Bicknell introduced a History of Urology Club at the 1965 AUA annual meeting. He chaired this popular event during its first decade, after which it was renamed the Forum on the History of Urology. The forum now occupies an entire afternoon during the annual meeting, with papers presented on historic urologic topics.

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Napoleon at Waterloo: Dysuria and Defeat

The Battle of Waterloo in 1815 was the epic end to the decade of turmoil that surrounded Napoleon Bonaparte’s stunning rise to power. Through a series of military victories across Europe, Napoleon crowned himself Emperor of France (1804) and King of Italy (1805). Though captured in 1814 and imprisoned on Elba, Napoleon escaped and returned to power.

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Apply Today for AUA Historian

The AUA is seeking a highly qualified member to fill the position of AUA Historian, reporting to the Section Secretaries Membership Council. The Historian serves as Chair of the AUA History Committee and the Academic Work Group.

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Brendan M. Fox, MD (1930-2022)

… His final email to me stated that he would not be able to attend Grand Rounds this year because he was entering a home hospice program. Brendan will be remembered for his kind and caring attitude. He was a beacon in the community to whom people gravitated for advice, comfort, medical care, a laugh, and devoted friendship. He was a pillar among Hartford urologists and his colleagues nationwide.

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