AUA Summit - So You Want to Publish on Urologic History?

So You Want to Publish on Urologic History?

The Journal of Urology® is a monthly, peer-reviewed and Medline-indexed journal that publishes clinically relevant content needed to stay at the forefront of the dynamic field of urology. In 2021, the Editor of The Journal of Urology® agreed to accept manuscript submissions that provide a historical perspective on the specialty of urology. Submissions will undergo the Journal’s rigorous peer review process. Manuscript length should not exceed 1,200 words with a single table or figure or 1,500 words without visuals. No more than 10 references should be listed, and no more than three authors should be included in the byline. Please submit your manuscript for consideration at

Beginning in fall 2021, AUANews will launch a mid-month, digital-only release of the newsletter, AUANewsExtra. History articles, if accepted following review, may be included in this monthly release. Published articles would have a permanent, archived home on the new AUANews digital platform. One history article per month (12 per calendar year) will be accepted for publication. History articles will also be accepted in the print copy of AUANews every four months. Please email articles you wish to submit for consideration for publication in AUANews or AUANewsExtra to

The Scope of Urology (Didusch Newsletter) is a quarterly email publication sharing historical articles of interest, information on upcoming exhibits and more. Articles are peer-reviewed and archived on the William P. Didusch Center for Urologic History website: The Scope of Urology Newsletter - Didusch Museum (

Articles of less than 3000 words are accepted in the following areas:

  • History of Medicine
  • Residents’ Corner (written by a resident on a subject of choice)
  • “Will This Be History?” (a current procedure/instrument/person/event that has the potential to make urologic history)
  • Obituaries/Biographies

Submissions may be sent to or

International Journal of Urologic History is a new online semi-annual peer-reviewed journal that accepts unpublished, full-length manuscripts on the history, art and culture of urology. Original research articles should be hypothesis-based manuscripts (with abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion and conclusion) of less than 3500 words and 10 or fewer illustrations of > 0.5 MB. Authors may include up to 30 references in the Journal of Urology format. Biographies may be up to 2000 words and should aim to educate the reader on the significance of the subject, time in history, society and urologic challenges. Short essays may be up to 1500 words and may be on a subject of relevance to the history of urology, urologic and medical museums, or related archives. Book reviews of 500 words or less are considered on the history of urology, surgery, and medicine. Unpublished photographs and original artwork with relevance to the history of urology are considered. Authors must obtain permissions to reproduce illustrations at the time of submission to IJUH.
See for Information for Authors.

Urology (Gold Journal) is a monthly, peer–reviewed and indexed journal primarily for urologists, residents, interns, nephrologists, and other specialists interested in urology. It publishes a history of urology article approximately every 3 months.

It accepts article types that include:

  • BIOGRAPHY: An original manuscript with a detailed description of a person who has contributed significantly to the field of urology.
  • NARRATIVE MEDICINE: Designed to stimulate discussion around the humanities in urology, this section features manuscripts and essays that take into consideration the wide range of experiences, both surgical and non-surgical, in urology. Manuscripts should express views and opinions on the various issues that affect the profession and the care of the urologic patient; standard editorial and peer-reviewing process will follow. Submissions from current trainees are encouraged. No patient identifiers should be included. Authorship should be limited to no more than 3 persons. Word limit: 1500 words. Image limit: 2.
  • HISTORY: This section will focus on articles relating to the history of urology.

Guide for authors - Urology - ISSN 0090-4295 ( for more information.

Journal of Endourology is a monthly peer-reviewed, Medline-indexed journal exclusively focused on minimally invasive and robotic urology, applications, and clinical outcomes. Articles covering epochs in endourology are considered.
See Journal of Endourology and Videourology | Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers ( for more information.

The Canadian Journal of Urology (CJU International) is a peer-reviewed, indexed journal published in Canada six times a year. It publishes “Legends in Urology” which are invited autobiographical articles on selected legends in the field. It also accepts articles on the history of urology.
See for more information.

Journal of Pediatric Urology is published every other month, operates a single anonymized review process and is indexed. In 2019, the Journal of Pediatric Urology created a history section for their journal. Dr. Anthony Caldamone, one of the journal’s editors, wrote “pediatric urology is a relatively young specialty. However, if you look [at] any abnormality that we currently care for and trace back how we arrived at where we are today, an appreciation of the historic perspective is inevitable…”
See Information for Authors: Journal of Pediatric Urology ( for more information.

BJU International is a monthly peer-reviewed and Medline-indexed medical journal covering research on all aspects of urology. It welcomes original contributions on topics of interest and importance to urologists. Articles should be no more than 4000 words (excluding figures, tables, references and abstract) with up to 3 figures, 3 tables and 30 references.
See BJU International ( for more information.

World Journal of Urology is a monthly, peer-reviewed and indexed journal focusing on essential results and relevance of urological research to a broad audience of urologists in research and clinical practice. Articles are published that reflect the developments in all fields of urology on an internationally advanced level. The journal does not specify history of urology articles but does accept original research articles that have NOT been invited.
World Journal of Urology | Submission guidelines ( for more information.