AUA Summit - 2021 AUA Earl Nation Retrospectroscope Awards

2021 AUA Earl Nation Retrospectroscope Awards

This award, presented to the best paper and virtual presentation from the 2021 History Forum, was awarded to Dr. Adam K. Russon of Buffalo for his paper and presentation on VD and the Battlefield: From America’s First Cultural Export to Military Run Brothels.

His paper presents the history and dramatic impact of venereal disease throughout America's wars (Revolutionary, Civil, and World War I and II) as the leadership responsible for the American soldier became increasingly creative with prevention and treatment.

Honorable Mention was awarded to Dr. Alexis R. Steinmetz of Rochester for her paper and presentation on The Plague Doctor, the Pandemic Doctor, and Surgical Protective Clothing, which covers the oh-so-relevant history of the protective clothing worn by physicians during epidemics from the Black Death up through COVID-19. The materials and designs of modern day protective equipment reflect major contributions by surgeons.


Ron Rabinowitz, MD